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Caledonian forest seedlings are they available to buy

I visited Glencoe a few years ago and was interested in the way you were growing from seeds collected from the ancient forest and you mentioned that maybe some saplings might be available to buy. How far along are you in this venture? Are any saplings ready? I for one would love to plant something in my garden from the ancient forests of Scotland bringing them into Edinburgh.
in anticipation Revmac
From ReplySent 11/09/2007
  • Re:- Caledonian forest seedlings are they available to buy
    We have a variety of seedlings available to buy. Please ask at the visitor centre on your next visit or telephone us on 01855 811307
    From ReplySent 24/09/2007
Thank you

I came with my family to Glencoe this last week and joined the Safari with Scott and Brian on thursday. I would just like to say thankyou for a wonderful and unforgettable experience. It was a privilage to see often un seen places in the area and to learn so much about the flora and forna and geology. It was a delight and I thank you so much for a special experience and day. Thank you to Scott for his wealth of knowledge and taking care of us all throughout the trip.
From ReplySent 01/07/2007
  • Re:- Thank you
    We're so glad you enjoyed the event. Thank you for your comments.
    From ReplySent 24/09/2007

Hi!!! Excellent resource you've got here!!! Will definately be back!!!
From ReplySent 23/02/2007
    Guided Walks?

    I'll be visiting Glencoe this June and I was wondering if you offered ranger-guided walks of the area.

    Many Thanks!!
    From ReplySent 03/12/2006
    • Re:- Guided Walks?
      Hi Lori,
      If you take a look at our 'what's on' link on the website you can view all our ranger led activities and events for the year!
      Hope this helps.
      From ReplySent 14/03/2006
    Thank you and keep up the excellent page.

    Your site is very informative, interesting and a certain daily visit for critical weather information. Thank you.
    From ReplySent 22/06/2006

      "A great wee site, I live 100 miles away in Ayrshire but the site keeps me informed about my favourite place on earth.Keep up the good work."
      05 January 2006
      From Jim BrownReplySent 01/06/2006

        on the 28th of january 2006 I was on stob dearg in glen coe, the sun came out behind me at the glen etive side and cast a shadow onto the mist at the kingshouse side. I appeared to have a rainbow circle round my shadow. I have read about this before but cant remember the proper title for it. It was "Magical". The views when the mist lifted was excellent, I did.nt want to come down.
        From ReplySent 29/01/2006
        • Re:- Phenomenon
          What you saw is called a 'brocken spectre' and is a rare phenomenon, people used to think this was a ghost on the hills. Michael McGregor has a fantastic photograph of this in his exhibition thats well worth a look!
          From ReplySent 30/01/2006
        My Father's Home

        Buchaille Etive Mor is breath taking. My Father, "Wee Sammy Smith" climbed this mountain time after time as a young man. Sam passed away in February 15, 1992. His ashes are now on the top of this mountain. I visited the site a few years back and I have to say, Glenco and the Buchaille Etive Mor are absolutely, "Heaven". I am happy that this was is final resting place.
        From ReplySent 28/01/2006
          Dragon enquiry!

          Recently here at Glencoe we received an enquiry from Richard in Holland. We were asked about Beithar the dragon who once lived in the area. Now, our information about Beither is a little slight just at the minute; does anyone have any further information about the beast?
          From ReplySent 23/01/2006

            Your site is presented very well, but you should be embarassed that Gaelic is not included.
            From ReplySent 12/05/2005
            • Re:- Language
              I think that the NTS should be proud of bringing a good site together and looking forward to building on the back of this, perhaps including Gaelic, rather than regretting this accomplishment. One step at a time.
              From ReplySent 01/06/2006
            • Re:- Language
              Thanks Brian

              You've echoed our thoughts exactly! The NTS is currently working to develop and implement a Gaelic policy and something we aspire to doing is translating this site in the future. But in the meantime if there’s anyone out there who’d like to help out with a translation, then please get in touch.

              Fiona Chalmers – Property Manager
              From ReplySent 01/06/2006


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