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Visitor Centre Staff

John (Shop Assistant): John is a local man who enjoys the experience of meeting the many nationalities of visitors who come to our centre. He thoroughly enjoys the warm and relaxed atmosphere of our multi-award winning Eco-friendly, Carbon-neutral, and Highly sustainable Visitor Centre. John has a particular interest in all varieties of books and publications, as well as being a Master Piper with a "Photographic memory". John is able to unleish his vast repertoire of jokes and stories on unsuspecting tourists, even if they don't speak English and he has still to tell the same joke or story twice!!

Paul (Outlook Station Ranger Desk): Apart from working as part of the Visitor Centre/Ranger Team he is presently studying for a BSc in Environmental Sciences with Archaeology. If you want to make the most of your visit to Glencoe, then this is man to talk to. For Walking information (all grades), Local History, Archaeology, Geology, Glaciology or any other "ology", then speak to Paul at the Ranger Desk and be prepared for a memorable experience of our wonderful Glen. His comments are: "The Glencoe environment is diverse and unique and has something special to offer any visitor to the Glen, no matter what their age, level of fitness or particular interest. But be warned, the holistic and atmospheric influence of Glencoe works its way into you and has a habit of pulling visitors back time and time again. You have been warned!!!"  

Leen (Shop Assistant): The Glencoe Visitor Centre is frequented by international visitors whom she enjoys meeting and talking to. She is multi-lingual (Flemish, German and French) and gets to plenty of opportunities to practice them all. She also is happy to be working for a charity organisation that is heavily involved in nature conservation and the natural regeneration of highly degraded environments.

Betty (Reception Centre Assistant): Betty is a born and bred local who is very proud to be working for the NTS. She is appreciative in what she believes to be a “fantastic job” the NTS do in managing the Glencoe estate and is proud to be part of the team. If you would like to support the on-going conservation work of the National Trust in Glencoe now and in the future, then please JOIN US as a Member of the National Trust for Scotland. Betty will be more than happy to give you details during your visit to our centre.

Lynn (Cafe, Shop & Reception Assistant): Lynn is a local lass, always willing to help our visitors whatever department she is working in. She thoroughly appreciates and enjoys the healthy outdoor environment found in all areas of Glencoe. Her comments, "Rain, Sun or Snow there is always something to do in Glencoe". We never knew she was a poet as well!

Ena (Shop Assistant): Ena is another local lass who hails from a picturesque village close to Glencoe. Ena enjoys working in the Centre's Gift Shop area with its great range of quality gifts and souvenirs. Her musical talents expressed via the piano and pipe organ are well renowned locally. If you have a special gift requirement then Ena will be more than happy to assist you with the choice of that ideal gift. 

Alison (Shop & Reception Assistant): Alison fell in love with the west coast of Scotland many years ago, and subsequently decided to come and live in a small village set on the shores of Loch Linnhe to the south-west of Glencoe. She is another member of our multi-lingual and dedicated shop/reception team and you will be made more than welcome by her during your visit to our centre. Alison's particular  interests are, Traditional Scottish Cookery and the History of the Highland Clans.


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