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Scotlands Mountain Heritage

Scotland's mountains in many ways define all that is best in our countryside: they are places for some of our most famous wildlife, such as deer and eagle; their landscape qualities offer refreshment and spiritual uplift - access to our mountains contributes significantly to our quality of life; and local economies benefit greatly from the drawing power of our mountain heritage.

Scotland has always had a proud tradition of there being no charge or obstacles to gaining free access to this mountain heritage. But whilst access is free, it does come at a cost, in terms of damage caused to landscape and fragile habitats.  Fresh, expanding linear scars can and do detract greatly from the natural unspoilt qualities of our mountain ranges.

The principal Project objective is to:
  • Secure public access and manage the impact on Scotland’s mountain heritage in a sustainable manner, which protects its important habitat, and landscape and provide access routes, which can be managed into the future through minimal intervention.

In so doing we aim to:
  • Actively involve the wider public, through the ‘Sole Trading’ public appeal, in the ongoing management of Scotland’s Mountain Heritage

The Appeal will be ongoing and provide a ‘cradle to the grave’ approach to the management of the impacts of access on our mountains.  This will provide a revenue stream far into the future to combat new erosion as it arises and before it develops into a major problem.

As a result of the project we will
  • Provide a demonstration model for the whole of Scotland in effective management of the impacts of access to our mountain heritage
Demo Team
Demo Team
Forest Regeneration in Glen
Forest Regeneration in Glen
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