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It is a winter for Pine Marten Sightings here at Glencoe. Eileen our Property Secretary recently had a close encounter. She heard strange noises coming from bins outside and went to investigate. A Pine Marten had jumped in and the lid had closed! It didn't seem too please Eileen said! She opened the lid and stood well back and it jumped back out and shot under the buildings.

We've Just been given news that the Little Egret spotted here at the end of September and October has been officially accepted onto the list of rare visitors. The description and photos we sent off (see below) have convinced the experts we were correct and it officially was a Little Egret.

Take care on the roads as all the deer, Stags and Hinds will be forced on to lower ground to avoid the poor weather higher up.

The stalker is now concentrating on culling the hinds. They make up the biggest proportion of the population on Glencoe, so there are more hinds than stags culled each year in order to get the population down to levels that will allow our policy of woodland regeneration to succeed.

Keep an eye on Loch achtriochtan too. We have already had a visit from some Whooper Swans. They too migrate in but from Siberia, where it is bitterly cold all winter. They are called Eala fhiadhaich in Gaelic.

Out on the hill, Ravens, Snow Buntings and Ptarmigan will all be around. Look out for Mountain Hare towards the East End of the property, they and the Ptarmigans are starting to turn white ready for the worst of the snow to come.


Little Egret through binoculars
Little Egret through binoculars


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