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Glencoe is particularly diverse in its range of habitats: the high tops have one of the richest artic-alpine floras in Britain; and the birch woods clinging to the crags are amongst the richest in Britain for mosses and liverworts

Glencoe is covered by a range of designations that reflect the national and international importance of this property.  It falls within the Ben Nevis and Glencoe National Scenic Area (NSA), which reflects the landscape value of the property.  It also contains the Glencoe Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the Eas na Broige SSSI.  The Glencoe Special Area of Conservation (SAC) also covers the property, as do eight Geological Conservation Review (GCR) sites. 
The Trust as a conservation organisation and through its commitments to the designations placed on the habitats at Glencoe is managing these habitats through controlled grazing with sheep on Meall Mor and elsewhere in the Glen by careful monitoring and control of deer grazing.
The Trust has recently entered a large part of the Glen and some smaller areas in Glen Etive into a woodland scheme funded by the Millennium Forest for Scotland and the Forestry Commission.  

The management of grazing pressure will enable heather to recover in the Glen and will allow the expansion of the woodland in suitable habitats.

Purple Saxifrage
Purple Saxifrage


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