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NTS Policies & Principles

The Trust produces principles and policies to guide the work of its staff and volunteers. Policy documents deal with specific subjects or issues - for example, Conservation Principles or Wild Land - and are intended to achieve a consistent approach to the subject across the spectrum of the Trust's work in delivering its statutory purposes of conservation, access, enjoyment and education.  The Trust's policy work covers:

  • developing principles and policies to guide the Trust's work
  • monitoring policy developments elsewhere in Scotland and the UK 
  • advocacy work to ensure that the interests and views of the Trust are taken into account in the national policy debate on relevant issues, including engaging with the Scottish Parliament and preparing responses to consultations 
  • responding to planning proposals of national importance
The Trust’s principles and policies are agreed written statements which set out the consistent approach to be taken by the Trust in relation to a specific internal or external issue, including a reasoned justification for that approach.  Trust policies are generally national in scope and are applied Trust-wide.
Strategic principles or policies are broad high-level statements of general principle, applicable across the whole Trust.  They relate directly to the Trust's statutory purposes and to its corporate aims and objectives, and have been approved by the Trust's governing Council.  There are currently three sets of these:
Conservation Principles 2003
Access, Enjoyment and Education Principles 2005
Acquisition Policy 2002

Operational policies relate to a specific subject or issues; they have a narrower focus but have also been approved either by Council or Board.  Recent policies of relevance to Glencoe include:

Deer Management 2003
Evaluation of Heritage Significance 2003
Environmental Policy 2004
Farmland Management 1999
Gaelic 2005
Landscape 2005
Renewable Energy Developments 2003
Telecommunications Masts 1998
Wild Land (including the Unna Principles) 2002


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