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Managing Glencoe

NTS has recently developed a new style of management plans called Property Statements. The new Property Statement for Glencoe has been the subject of a public consultation process and was published in Summer 2005.

The plan will provide strategic direction and guiding principles for our work over the next five years.

In light of this, the Trust will seek to achieve the following outcomes over the period of the 2005 – 2010 Property Statement

  • Exemplary conservation of the flora, fauna and environment at Glencoe
  • Ongoing protection and enhancement of the landscape at Glencoe
  • Improved understanding of Glencoe’s cultural heritage
  • Continued development of visitor management and provision of access, enjoyment and education at the property
  • Contribution by the Trust towards the development of sustainable tourism in Glencoe and Lochaber
  • Ongoing development of relationships and partnerships between the Trust and other key stakeholders at Glencoe
  • Increased public awareness and understanding of the Trust’s management of Glencoe


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