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Lochaber Geopark


What is a Geopark?


To be awarded European Geopark status an area not only has to have an important geological heritage, but also a sustainable development strategy or plan.

The aim of geoparks is to;


  • protect and promote geological heritage to the public
  • use geology to promote sustainable economic development usually through geotourism
  • make a real difference to local communities

The idea behind the geopark concept is to raise awareness of Europe’s geological heritage in a way that brings sustainable economic benefit to local communities.


Lochaber Geopark

Lochaber has a magnificent geological heritage. The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy and the Great Glen Fault are well known, the lavas and granites of Glencoe, Ben Nevis and Glen Etive are very special too, as are the younger igneous rocks found in Ardnamurchan, and the Small Isles. The whole area is popular with visitors not only because of its spectacular scenery, but also because of the superb opportunities it offers for geological education and research. Unravelling the story behind the local igneous and metamorphic rocks has helped our understanding of the very complex processes involved in the formation of large mountain chains

Glencoe is a stunning visual gateway to Lochaber Geopark. The ancient lavas, massive volcanic crater and glacially carved landscape are almost worthy of geopark status in their own right. This very special place, in the care of The National Trust for Scotland, is a key feature of Lochaber Geopark Association’s bid for European Geopark status.

NTS Glencoe achieve many of the aims and objectives of Lochaber Geopark

·        The protection and promotion of Glencoe’s geological heritage is secured for future generations

·        The visitor centre allows the visitor to learn about the geology behind the local landscape and the NTS Rangers organise a series of events throughout the year including geology themed walks and Land Rover tours.

·        NTS play an active role in Lochaber Geopark Association working in partnership with other organisations and the local community to achieve European Geopark status.

Location of geoparks
Location of geoparks
6th European Geopark meeting in Lesvos
6th European Geopark meeting in Lesvos
The Queen during a visit to the Outdoor Capital of the UK
The Queen during a visit to the Outdoor Capital of the UK


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