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Energy Efficiency and Carbon Neutral Energy Production.

The Glencoe Visitor Centre building is extremely energy efficient, having 250 mm of 'warmcel' recycled insulation (chopped up newspaper - fire and bug proofed with borax) in all floors, walls and ceilings. The walls are 10 inches thick. Double glazing and extremely low levels of air infiltration with 'breathing wall' construction also combine to reduce the energy loads and benefit the indoor climate. The 'breathing' walls mean that moisture in the indoor air which can be a problem in tightly sealed buildings, is slowly and constantly permeating outwards to the wall cavities, where it dissipates without harm to the structure. 

The windows were designed and built in Dornoch, from Sustainable Woodlands Scottish Oak from Newtonmore and to seal them into the wall, sheep's wool was used - a Norwegian idea.

Our heating plant produces space heating and domestic hot water not only for the Visitor Centre but for the adjacent Caravan and Camping Club Park. It is fuelled with waste woodchips produced as a by-product from local conifer forests. As these forests are harvested others are planted to replenish this natural resource. This means that our heating plant is CO2 NEUTRAL in operation as it does not produce net gain inputs of CO2 to the atmosphere, as does the burning of coal, oil and gas. If you think about it, we have a closed circuit heating system powered indirectly by the SUN and not by fossil fuels. The system is very reliable, easy to operate and we thoroughly recommend it. As a by-product combustion produces a fine wood ash, rich in minerals which we use in conjunction with waste coffee grounds from our Cafe to make compost for our Glencoe tree nursery.

If you are interested in CO2 Neutral Heating Systems then contact the "Energy Saving Trust" by Clicking HERE.

The CO2 Neutral Heating Plant
The CO2 Neutral Heating Plant


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