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Information about the Glencoe Visitor Centre building

The building is laid out in the form of a 'clachan' or Highland village. The architects wanted to bring the virtually untouched, naturally regenerating landscape right up close to the visitor as they move among the various parts of the Centre via external boardwalks. The architects have developed a system whereby all the elements of the building are biodegradable and removable either for maintenance or replacement and the nail-free construction can be disassembled and re-used without damage. 

The buildings are constructed on above-ground beams resting on pads so that tree-roots and natural groundwater travel unhindered across the site. The burn has been re-diverted to its original course through the Clachan courtyard, coupling as a visible rainwater drain.

Various traditional scale (small and low-lying) buildings are arranged around a stand of existing native trees (there was only a minimum amount of tree felling). Soils from the area have been used around the buildings so natural regeneration of plants will apply throughout.

Buildings are made entirely of timber which has been sourced from within Scotland. Oak and Sycamore floors, heart of Larch external cladding and laminated Oak window and doors. Internally the doors are of Scottish Birch, Elm and Alder with Birch lined ceilings. No timber has been chemically treated, but selected hardwoods have been deliberately chosen that require little attention. Any finishes are in breathable and organic paint.

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Visitor Centre Buildings
Visitor Centre Buildings
Building on Beams
Building on Beams
Timber Built Buildings
Timber Built Buildings
One of the Boardwalks
One of the Boardwalks


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