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magic of glencoe

I have been camping in glencoe for the last ten years its just magical. Eveytime I arrve it feels like the first time I have been. The scenery in my opinion cant be explained this is a place where everyone needs to see for themselves.
From ReplySent 01/09/2014
    The Three Sisters

    I found your site by mistake while researching a painting titled "The Three Sisters" If I take a photo of it and send it to you could you tell me if you recognize it as being from your area. I found it in my father's estate belongings. His family came from Clydebank at the turn of the century 1800-1900. His mother's family came from the Orkneys at the same time.
    From ReplySent 12/12/2013
    • Re:- The Three Sisters
      Hi Helen,
      Of course! Please send email a copy to us (email address underneath this message) FAO Lindsay McKerral and we can let you know if it's from this area.
      From ReplySent 12/12/2013

    hi,i recently visited and loved the hats you sold in the shop.so wished i had bought one.i would be grateful if u could tell me the make of them.stunning place hope to visit again soon x
    From ReplySent 09/05/2013
    • Re:- shop
      Thanks for your comments. I think the hats you refer to are made by Olney: olney-headwear.com
      Hope that helps!
      From ReplySent 18/05/2013
    Bridge over the Coe

    Is the footbridge over the Coe at Clachaig hotel now repaired and open to the public??
    From ReplySent 22/02/2013
    • Re:- Bridge over the Coe
      Hi Carole,
      It is in the process of being repaired. The old bridge has now been removed and we are hoping to have the new bridge in and completed by Easter.
      From ReplySent 11/03/2013

    THE FOLLOWING POEM WAS SENT TO US BY CAROLE TOVELL, WHO FOUND SOME SOLACE SCATTERING HER HUSBAND'S ASHES HERE IN THE GLEN. SHE HOPES THAT OTHERS WILL ALSO FIND SOLACE FROM HER HUSBAND'S POEM. (Please note guidance on scattering ashes in Glencoe can be found on our website: glencoe-nts.org.uk/Memorials-and-Ash-Scattering-g.asp)


    This place, so dark and forbidding

    Yet somehow a haven of peace for me

    Great Shepherd and Glen of Weeping,

    Sinister, eerie, with hardly a tree

    The waterfalls cascade and rush

    One of my favourites of all I have seen

    Site of massacre so infamous

    Why does it possess a view so serene?

    Time and time again I visit

    This normally cloud filled vale of woe

    Drawn as if by kindred spirit

    To the solitude of this place, Glen Coe
    From ReplySent 23/11/2012
      Cafe let down again!

      Just logging on to feedback a rather disappointing visit to your cafe on Saturday and noticed previous comments.
      We came in for a cup of tea and cake expecting a friendly warm environment and good selection of food as found in other NTS establishments only to be met with a rather soulless noisy(the sandwich fridge overwhelmed everything else)room as befitting some transport cafe without the greasy food. The cafe could do with some nice background music bird song even, decent mugs and cups, proper cutlery and a better selection of home made food instead of prepacked sandwiches and other items. The scone my wife had was stale with the tea being the only thing going for it. The cafe was tidy but lacked soul and needs something to brighten it up. One panel referring to Birch bark being used for painkilling is wrong it was willow bark which was used in having salicylic acid the forerunner to aspirin. One final gripe is that my wife broke her finger nail when flushing the toilet as the handle appeared to be too close to the tiles hence her nail catching on the tile. All in all a disappointing end to Sheila's last Munro on Stob na Broige.
      From ReplySent 24/09/2012
      • Re:- Cafe let down again!
        9th October 2012

        Dear Mr Hind

        I am very sorry to hear that you were disappointed in our café.

        As an Outdoor Visitor Centre we try to cater for both guests that sit in and those that take away. We therefore wrap all products before service to comply with food hygiene and to speed up the flow of service. All our cups, plates and wooden cutlery are biodegradable and can be taken away by the customer and re-used. The cups and plates are made from recycled card.

        We decided not to play background music as the majority of people dislike it and it costs £749 annually to purchase the required license.
        We are sorry the noise from the chillers spoilt your visit but they are essential to keep food at the correct temperature.

        Following your comment on birch further information is available from www.treesforlife.org.uk/forest/mythfolk/birch.html . You are correct in saying that willow was used for pain relief but if you look at the above website you will see that birch was too.

        It is always difficult to compare restaurants to cafes, grand houses and gardens have a very different style to our outdoorsy and “on the move” property. I hope this will not put you off and you will continue to support the NTS and visit our various properties.

        Kind Regards

        Shona McGuire
        Retail & Catering Manager
        NTS Glencoe
        From ReplySent 15/10/2012

      On Sunday 9th of September I went on a LandRover Safari with one of the volunteer rangers (Carly) and was given a fantastic introduction to all the aspects of Glencoe, from it's history to it's geology & wild life, plus the local community. Her friendly manner made the morning a very enjoyable and informative experience and a great start to my holiday. Well done to these volunteers. The staff at the visitors centre were also very friendly & helpful and I thought the cafe, toilets & shop were great. I look forwarded to returning one day.
      From ReplySent 21/09/2012
        cafe let-down

        I visited the centre on Sunday 12 August. I enjoyed the very informative displays and the 1692 presentation.
        However, the cafe is very much third-rate. Paper cups, paper plates, plastic spoons and, most bizarrely, a totally ineffective wooden knife to attempt to cut an inedible scone - ugh! The table I occupied was swimming with spilt tea and littered with dirty plates etc from the previous occupants. No attempt was made to clean up this mess.
        All of this is a pity and rather spoiled my visit. The cafe lets down the rest of the centre.
        From ReplySent 13/08/2012
        • Re:- cafe let-down
          Thank you for visiting our centre and glad you enjoyed the exhibition. I am sorry our cafe was untidy and have spoken to all staff on duty to try and ensure this does not happen again.
          As an outdoor Visitor Centre we try to cater for both guests who sit in and those that take away. We therefore wrap all products to comply with hygiene and to speed up the flow of service. I do hope this incident will not put you off visiting other NTS properties.
          Shona McGuire
          Visitor Centre Manager
          From ReplySent 16/08/2012
        Cafe feedback

        Always enjoy spending time in your cafe but I think it's a shame that just about everything is pre-packaged - it doesn't quite fit with the environmental theme. And it's a real shame that you don't open a bit earlier and serve bacon sandwiches.
        From ReplySent 17/06/2012
        • Re:- Cafe feedback
          Dear Jane
          Thank you for your comments on our Cafe. We pre-package most food at this time of year as a large percentage of our sales are taken away or eaten in picnic areas. It also complies with the European Health & Hygiene laws. I am sorry you did not receive a Bacon Roll as they are one of our best sellers, we do try to have them available as soon as we open, I shall make sure they are available for opening time each day.
          We are open for 8 hours a day with 1 shift of staff to keep costs at bay as we are a charity. We have tried various different business hours, some earlier opening and some later closing, but have settled on these opening and closing times as these are when most people visit us.
          I hope you will visit us again.
          From ReplySent 11/07/2012

        Is it possible to walk from the Kings House Hotel to Glencoe village avoiding the main road? Thanks
        From ReplySent 17/03/2012
        • Re:-
          Hi Doreen,
          Its isn't completely possible, there are some short sections of walking beside the road to link up the tracks and paths.
          You can follow the west highland way from the Kings House Hotel to Allnafeadh then there is approx 500m of road walking until you can pick up the remains of the old road through Glencoe which save for a tiny bit of road walking brings you out to the main road just beyond the study. From there there is less than a kilometre of road walking to rejoin the old road which leads to the farm at Achtriochtan. From Achtriochtan there is a path to take you all the way to Achnambeithach and the junction of the back road to the village. Your options from there are to walk along the old road to the village (it's a pretty quiet road) or to take the path from Achnambeithach to the An Torr car park along the side of the river. There is then 2km of road walking to the Glencoe Visitor Centre where you can pick up the path behind the campsite to take you to the village.
          Please get in touch if you require any further directions.
          From ReplySent 18/03/2012
        Dog Friendly/

        Hi the considering visiting Glencoe when on holiday. Can you tell me the situation whith dogs. Are they allowed?
        From ReplySent 03/02/2012
        • Re:- Dog Friendly/
          Hi John,
          Thanks for your enquiry. Only guide dogs are allowed inside the exhibition, cafe, and shop, however dogs are allowed through the reception area to access the viewing platform and woodland trails. There is also an outdoor seating area outside the cafe where dogs are allowed.
          Hope this helps.
          From ReplySent 01/03/2012
        buggy friendly walks

        Wonder if anyone can help. I am coming up to Glencoe next May with my family and my young Grandson will still be in his buggy. Can anyone suggest any nice walks that would be buggy friendly.
        I would really appreciate your help.
        From ReplySent 08/11/2011
        • Re:- buggy friendly walks
          Hi Lyn,
          There are various buggy-friendly walks around Glencoe. We have several trails here at the Visitor Centre, all of which will be fine with a buggy. The Forestry Commission Lochan trails near Glencoe village are also accessible for buggies. A few other paths may also be accessible depending on the robustness of the buggy.

          If you need any more information feel free to come into the Visitor Centre when you are up here and talk to the member of staff working on the ranger desk.
          From ReplySent 26/11/2011
        Coach Access

        Dear Mssrs.,
        We are planning a coach trip round Scotland with a goup of Ukrainian tourists. Therefore, we are genuinely interested, if THe Glencoe Visitor Center is accessible by coach (road width, parking facilities). Thank You in advance.
        Irene Andreyeva,
        Feerie manager
        From ReplySent 30/09/2011
        • Re:- Coach Access
          The visitor centre is easily accessed by coach. There is also a coach park at the centre. If you wish to make a booking for your coach please email the visitor centre on the address below.
          From ReplySent 07/10/2011
        Are there any very gentle walks for a very pregnant lady ?

        I'm visiting Glencoe with a group of friends in two weeks, will be just over 7 months pregnant and would love to know if there are any easy walks of around 1-2 miles ? It will be our last trip before the baby arrives and I'd love to get out in the scenery -even if only for a few hours a day.
        From ReplySent 11/07/2011
        • Re:- Are there any very gentle walks for a very pregnant lady ?
          Hi Lilly,
          There are several low level walks in the area. We have a short 1 mile walk from the Glencoe Visitor Centre, a 2 mile walk in the An Torr woodland to Signal Rock and the Forestry commission Lochan Trails behind Glencoe Village are also good, well marked low level trails. In addition the old road through the centre of Glencoe is a good track that leads right underneath the three sisters of Glencoe. Pop into the visitor centre at the start of your visit and one of our rangers will be happy to give you more details on suitable low level walks in the area!
          From ReplySent 15/07/2011
        New Glencoe Battlefield

        What on earth have you done to the blue walk through the woodland behind the Visitor Centre and caravan park? It used to be such a lovely walk and now it looks like a battlefield. I do hope that someone is going to tidy up the scrub left by the tree harvesting operation and perhaps re-plant with some natural woodland native to the area.
        From ReplySent 05/06/2011
        • Re:- New Glencoe Battlefield
          Dear William,
          The NTS bought this site from the Forestry Commission in the 1990s to build the Visitor Centre. As well as the camp site we also got small areas of non native conifers and this is the area that we have built the blue route on down to the ruin at Inverrigan. We recently clear felled an area of those conifers in tandem with the forestry commission who were cutting an adjacent area. You are correct the site does look devastated just now, but please rest assured that over the summer, various volunteer groups have been lined up (the first has already spent a day on the site) to clear and tidy the brash and large ruts left by the harvesters. We are also currently collecting seeds from native trees growing around the glen and once a suitable fallow period has been left (to get rid of pine weevils and other nasties that would devastate young saplings) they'll be planted in the area.
          I hope that sets your mind at ease.
          Many thanks
          From ReplySent 17/06/2011
        Land Rover Safari

        I had the great pleasure of partaking on
        the 10-5-11 a land rover safari it was a wonderfull informative morning and Rachel was brilliant and full of enthusiam and local knowledge,particularry on the fauna in Glencoe, the weather was rather damp but Rachel and Nichole's sunny disposition more than made up for the awful weather, well done girls you gave me a morning I will never forget. PETE
        From ReplySent 20/05/2011

          Has the footbridge by the Clachaig Inn over the river coe been repaired yet.
          From ReplySent 19/04/2011
          • Re:- footbridge
            Hi, I'm afraid the An Torr bridge remains shut whilst repair work continues. The paths in the woodland are still open and can be accessed from the gate just along the road from the clachaig inn.
            From ReplySent 28/04/2011
          • Re:- footbridge
            The An Torr bridge has been closed now since January and no work has been done on it apart from removing one or two of the wooden foot boards. When is it going to reopen?
            From ReplySent 05/06/2011
          • Re:- footbridge
            Hi Colorado,
            The original plan was to repair the bridge but further investigation into the bridge's structure revealed more rot than first anticipated. We are awaiting on plans for a new bridge and therefore the bridge will remain shut until further notice. We are sorry for any incovenience this may be causing but this is the safest option.
            From ReplySent 24/06/2011
          Thank You

          We have just returned from our first holiday to the Highlands and Glencoe,which we loved.We booked a safari trip with one of the rangers and just wanted to write and say despite the appalling weather on the day,thursday the 28th, Matt gave us
          some wonderful memories to take home.
          Many thanks Matt and all the staff at the visitor centre
          From ReplySent 02/11/2010
            Just beautiful!

            I visited Glencoe 25 years back during my student times and immediately fell in love it. It is a place that is both disturbing and also a balm for the soul. This September I came back with 2 colleagues from work and we took a very interesting and also entertaining landrover safari tour. This was a good opportunitiy to see and learn more about the area. Thanks for offering this! After being back at work and having to look most of day into the screen of my laptop I wish I could “beam myself up there”… since unfortunately this is not possible looking at the pictures I have taken must do ;-)
            From ReplySent 07/10/2010
              In awe

              When travelling through Glencoe it always, always makes me feel exceedingly small and cowed. I suppose both the historical significance and the wonderful sights each play a part in that peculiar feeling. The Visitor Centre there is a magnificent addition beautifully blended into the existing landscape.
              From Wee McGreegorReplySent 11/09/2010

                In 2006, I noted the lack of Gaelic on your site. All these years later is there no progress?
                From ReplySent 17/08/2010
                • Re:- Gaelic
                  Sadly, the Gaelic policy my predecessor spoke about did not materialise. It is an aspiration we'd like to take forward, but under the current climate we are not in a position to do so.
                  From Scott McCombie, Property Manager, GlencoeReplySent 24/08/2010
                Parachute Games

                I just want to say what fun the parachute games were last Tuesday. Even a bit of drizzle didn't spoil the enjoyment for our young grandchildren. Thank you Rachel and Matt.
                From ReplySent 25/07/2010
                  In love.......

                  Scotland has become my second home. The nature is overwhelming and the people are very kind to me. The minute I am back in Holland I become homesick. Glencoe is one of many places I am in love with. So it would not be a surprise to you that the “new” (for I have known also the old one) visitor centre has stolen my heart. In august I will be on my way to Inverness from New Castle. The first thing I could think of is “Is there time to drink a cup of tea at the visitors centre? Just to enjoy the view and the friendliness. I hope that I will continue visiting your centre for the next couple of years.
                  From ReplySent 15/07/2010
                    Kindness of betty keyes

                    We visited this beautiful part of the world when my wife was pregnant with triplets five years ago. We were overwhelmed by the friendliness of betty when we explained that three little ones were on their way. Life changed for us forever three months on when dana had evie, kiara and matthew. We were so taken by betty and glencoe that when we stayed in Perthshire we travelled up to show her the little guys- they were ten months then. It is a fair drive from Durham up there but was well worth it. Betty made such a fuss of them and gave them bears which have the capacity for recorded messages. I did a message and tonight they asked about it all at bed time. I am sitting here watching them drifting to sleep as I type on my iPod and hope to return to the wonders of glencoe and betty one day. It would be lovely to hear from het too
                    From ReplySent 13/07/2010

                      I have enjoyed very much in glencoe, very nice place, nice weather, nice people, nice nature!!! I liked it!!!
                      From ReplySent 01/07/2010

                        On a walk around the trails behind the centre (Sun 23rd May 2010) spotted an interesting moth on one of the waymarkers, approx NN112575. Had a look in my ID book on return home and it was a Puss Moth (Cerura Vinula).
                        I'll try and put a couple of photos on your image library.
                        From ReplySent 27/05/2010
                          Beautiful Glencoe

                          Glencoe is the most beautiful place on earth. In March 1992 our brother Stuart lost his life on Bein Mor Challum. It was a very distressing time for us as he was missing for almost 12/13 weeks.Every year, as near to his anniversary as possible (weather permitting) I drive up to Glencoe and place flowers on the hill just in front of the car park and helipad. It's a great comfort and although very sad, it is very peaceful as we know how much he loved these hills. Over the years I have kept in touch with the people who helped us get through this awful time. The family can't thank the Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team, RAF Leuchers, Lossiemouth and Gannet, Heavy Walley, Ken and his late wife Helen Lindsay and Maureen of Clachaigh Inn for their support. These people are the salt of the earth and we will never forget what they did for our family. Our brothers ashes have been scattered high up in the hills by Ken, just another lovely gesture - we know this is where Stuart would have wanted his last resting place to be. This is a lovely site, keep up the good work.
                          From ReplySent 06/04/2010
                            Lost Ice Axe

                            After a great day on Sgor na h-Ulaidh, I realised I have lost my axe...a Mountain Technology 70cm walking axe with purple leash. If anyone finds it I'd be greatful to see it again, having had it for over 20 years!
                            From ReplySent 01/04/2010
                              Annual visit

                              We first visited the centre about 6 years ago and were enthralled by the place. Each year on our way up to Skye, this is a must stop place for us. Firstly we make our way to the viewpoint at the back of the centre and spend a while just taking in the magnificent view. We dont speak - that would spoil it, just sitting a while and enjoying the looks on the faces of first time visitors. Then we stop in the cafe for refreshments - always nice, friendly staff. Finally we pop into the shop for our postcards and a few souveniers. Its now become our annual pilgrimage. What a magnificent place...well doen to all involved
                              From ReplySent 29/03/2010

                                I first went to Glencoe three years ago as a promise to my late father Archibald to find out where my family came from and I did .By golly what a feeling of being home yet extreme sadness but I go back every year since ,what a display the centre has it tell the visitor so much not only the about the massacre but also flora and fauna neither of whom are relatives.Definately a must for visitors.Also a must is CULLODEN for an insight of the bravery of the Clans stealth weapons versus farm implements.final words stop off and see on your route through to history
                                From ReplySent 04/11/2009
                                  help with adding images


                                  I tried to add image but I don't know how to do this
                                  Can anyone be kind to tell me how?

                                  thanks a lot
                                  From ReplySent 17/10/2009
                                  • Re:- help with adding images
                                    Hi Kondomi,
                                    I've had a look at the website and copied the following paragraph here for you. It should be straight forward, I'm reallly sorry if it hasn't. Anyway, please follow these instructions and thos on the "Image Library" page. Hopefully this will get you through.
                                    All the best
                                    Scott McCombie
                                    Property Manager
                                    NTS Glencoe.

                                    To upload a new picture to the Glencoe Image Library, please read the following instructions.

                                    Firstly, please note that the picture must have been taken by you or you must have the permission of the copyright holder. Once you have uploaded the picture the copyright still belongs to you (or the current owner), although you should understand that images on the internet can easily be duplicated and used by others.

                                    Secondly, ensure that your image has been saved on your computer in the following format - it should be a .jpg, with a maximum width of 640px and less than 60k in filesize.

                                    If you are happy with the above, you can use the form below to browse for your image on your computer's hard drive, and then click the upload button. Once you do this you will then see a form which will allow you to enter your details and information about the photograph. Shortly thereafter an editor will check your submission and make it live.

                                    Please note that not all pictures may be published - the editor may decide that the picture is not applicable to this site, or duplicates a picture already there. We'll try to keep you informed whatever we do.
                                    From ReplySent 20/10/2009
                                  Video on Glencoe Massacre

                                  I visited Glencoe 2 years ago and whilst there came to the visitors centre. There was an exhibit (I would assume a permanent one but I really don't know. I live in Australia so there's absolutely no chance of me having a quick visit to check, unfortunately!) there about the Glencoe Massacre and showing was a video about it. I'm doing a speech on the massacre in my history class and I'd be interested in finding out the name of the documentary so I can credit it as a resource. (I'd also like to credit the exhibit in general but I have no clue as to how I'd go about doing that).
                                  Well, anyway, any assistance is appreciated. I've had a brief look around for this video's name but I assume there's a few documentaries on the events so I wouldn't know which one to add in my bibliography.
                                  Thanks in advance!
                                  From ReplySent 13/10/2009
                                  • Re:- Video on Glencoe Massacre
                                    Hi Fiona,
                                    I'm afraid the video in our exhibition isn't commercially available. We had it specially made for us. It was produced by an Interpretation Company called "StudioArc" in Edinburgh, and it was Written by Dr Fiona Watson. She was the main speaker on the video, and is Professor of History at Stirling University.
                                    I hope this is enough for you to use as credits, but if not please get back to me, since she has written a book on the history of Scotland and you may be able to find that and use that as a creditable source instead.
                                    Good Luck
                                    Scott McCombie
                                    Property Manager
                                    NTS Glencoe
                                    From ReplySent 20/10/2009
                                  • Re:- Video on Glencoe Massacre
                                    Thank you very much, your reply was very useful and your information is enough for me to credit.
                                    Also, I'll keep an eye out for her book!
                                    Thanks again!
                                    From FionaReplySent 24/10/2009
                                  Jan Hamilton exhibition

                                  we've visited your Glencoe visitor centre just one week ago, and I just wanted so say Thank you for the idea with the Devil's Staircase walk. That was wonderful!! I've liked Jan Hamiltons photo exhibition very much and showed the little pic on this site to my daughter. Does Jan Hamilton have a homepage, or do you have a link to see more of these images? Would be nice if you let me know. Thank you! Kind regards from Germany.
                                  From SilviaReplySent 16/07/2009
                                    Hey together

                                    Great Website!
                                    From ReplySent 11/07/2009
                                      Creag Dhu group photo

                                      My late husband Leslie James Stevenson spent many glorious weekends in Glencoe in the late 1950's.Last summer I spent an overnight at the Kingshouse hotel and saw the group photo of some of the Creag dhu climbers in the bar. The young guy smoking left of centre bears a close resemblance to Les Stevenson but the names printed below the picture are not the same.Could anyone please tell me if this is or isn't LES? He would have been dead chuffed to be on that photo in Glencoe. The Craig dhu climbers used to call him and his friend (the chap centre right with the cap) 'ra boys'.If anyone knows anyone who might know PLEASE get in touch.
                                      From ReplySent 11/06/2009
                                      • Re:- Creag Dhu group photo
                                        If anyone can help Ena Stevenson please get in touch with her!
                                        From NTS Ranger TeamReplySent 19/06/2009
                                      • Re:- Creag Dhu group photo
                                        creag dhu photo, by TOMMY PAUL<"2nd from rt,in 1957 or 1958,new years break. tommy was en route to the gairngorms with the 2 young guys ,extreme left,next is jim ? corbett, ie AHABS(bert) brother ,then harry mckay,bill smith behind smoker, sadly i cant id the smoker?? DRESSED TO LOOK THE PART,is jhonny cunningham.. pretending to have an ALPENSTALK,behind him mysulf..balloch jack, then tommy ,who lives in newtonmore
                                        From balloch jackReplySent 17/06/2010

                                      We visited Glencoe last year and fell in love with the place. The place is very knowledgeable and full of interesting historical information. Glencoe is a very surreal place and would quite happily spend the rest of my life there. My family and i are intending on visiting Glencoe again. It is beautiful whether it's raining or sunny. It's stunning all the same.
                                      From ReplySent 18/05/2009
                                        Walks suitable for little explorers

                                        We are looking forward to staying in Glencoe for a week from Sat 16th May and wondered if there are any walks nearby that my husband and I can enjoy with our two year old son?
                                        From ReplySent 13/05/2009
                                        • Re:- Walks suitable for little explorers
                                          There are many low level walks in the area that are suitable for walking with young children. There are trails around the Visitor Centre, some in the An Torr woodland (about 2miles from the visitor centre), some in Glencoe Village (Forestry comission - Lochan Trails) and others in the area. I would advise popping into the visitor centre at the start of your trip and talking to one of our rangers on the information desk(in the main reception area of the visitor centre). They'll be able to give you some ideas of places to go and what is suitable with a young child. I hope you enjoy your trip to Glencoe.
                                          From NTS RangersReplySent 13/05/2009
                                        • Re:- Walks suitable for little explorers
                                          Thanks for getting back to me. We've had a lovely week in Glencoe. We did a couple of your suggested walks - around the visitor centre and Lochan trail where Alex loved seeing the ducks and splashing in the puddles. We've had a fantastic time and look forward to going to the An Torr Woodland on our next visit.
                                          From ReplySent 26/05/2009
                                        Moths and Birds

                                        How fantastic getting the photo of the emperor moth laying its eggs recently. I keep looking on cuckoo flowers for the orange eggs of the orange tip butterflies about now.
                                        I am disappointed not being able to come to the bird day on Sat. May 9th but unfortunately it clashes with the Appin Historical Society's outing to Shuna Island.
                                        From ReplySent 07/05/2009
                                        • Re:- Moths and Birds
                                          Hi Sallie,
                                          It really was fantastic to be able to watch the emperor moth lay her eggs. We must have stopped to watch for almost half an hour! Sorry you couldn't make the BTO bird day on Saturday. It was very good, but also very wet. I think the BTO are running the same course later in the year in the Inverness area. See there website for more details: www.bto.org.uk
                                          From RachelReplySent 13/05/2009
                                        Looking forward to visit in May 2009

                                        My wife and I will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary in Scotland this coming May. We love the country and have been there 8 times. Have never been to this area but certainly look forward to seeing the beauty tht Scotland has to offer in and around Glencoe. If there is any special place to visit I would appreciate knowing. We will be passing through and only spending a few hours as we head towards the most Northern Highlands.
                                        From ReplySent 18/12/2008
                                        • Re:- Looking forward to visit in May 2009
                                          Well Glencoe is certainly a special place! There is some fantastic mountain scenery to be seen in and around Glencoe, and some lovely walks that could easily fill a few hours. If you come to the Glencoe Visitor Centre and visit the Ranger Desk they will help you find a walk to suit your needs and help you with any other information you wish to know about the local area.
                                          From NTS RangersReplySent 19/12/2008

                                        Just wanted to say hello to my brother Chris Jones who is currently a volunteer up in Glencoe. We are all very envious and very proud of you Chris.Enjoy and try and keep warm!!!
                                        From ReplySent 20/11/2008
                                          it was great

                                          we vitit glencoe 2006 in June, it was amezing. I look for pikture and information from this aeria. we miss clencoe and we come back. But we have now a dog, is it a problem to find B+B ore a caraven space?
                                          From ReplySent 20/11/2008
                                          • Re:- it was great
                                            It is no problem to have a dog and stay at the Clachaigh Inn, i am staying there with my dog in January
                                            From NReplySent 25/11/2008
                                          Glencoe Is AMAZING

                                          Visited Scotland in August 2008...GLENCOE was my favorite. Absolutely stunning. Visitor center was very nice w/ nice retail shops.
                                          From ReplySent 01/09/2008
                                            A look ahead

                                            Very good site! Made me anxious to be there on July 29th.
                                            From ReplySent 23/07/2008
                                              Percy Unna

                                              Can you tell me where Percy Unna is buried?
                                              From ReplySent 17/07/2008
                                              • Re:- Percy Unna
                                                Hi, Thanks for your question. We are not sure where Percy Unna is buried, but we will try and do some research and find out. If we find the answer we will post it here.
                                                From RachelReplySent 21/07/2008
                                              • Re:- Percy Unna
                                                Percy Unna is buried in the cemetery in just north of Oban off the A85. I hope this helps. Rachel
                                                From RachelReplySent 23/07/2008
                                              We Love Betty

                                              We first visited Glencoe in July 2006, unfortunately my daughter Shannon suffers from serious seizures and whilst we were there, she took a really bad one. We were seriously concerned and rang our local hospital back in Liverpool, but they advised us to nurse her through it. We called in to the visitors centre, but Shanny was really out of things, that's when we met Betty.
                                              Betty was so caring and helpful, she actually got shanny to snap out of the seizure and for that we will be eternally grateful. Betty was an absolute credit to Scotland, so last Summer we decided to return to Glencoe on our way to Skye. Shannon wanted to call in and thank Betty in person, so she did. Betty was brilliant, she remembered Shannon and bought her a Highland Cow cuddly from the shop. She even promised to name a new calf after Shannon. Betty kept her promise and this week sent Shannon a picture of her new born calf.
                                              I want to thank Betty and just let everyone know about this caring and wonderful lady. Thank You Betty, you will always be in our hearts, not only that, but we will be returning to Glencoe later this year, all due to Betty. I think that when people get awards, people like Betty should be top of the list, she is number one on our list every time.
                                              From ReplySent 20/04/2008

                                                I wanted to spend a day in Glencoe,
                                                on our way home from Inverness we planned to stop for lunch and a easy
                                                short walking trail, see the Visitor Center and enjoy the views. We got in
                                                an accident before Ft. William and were
                                                delayed and did not get to Glencoe until around 6:00PM. I was knocked out
                                                with the views, but could not find my
                                                camera, so I had to borrow friends who
                                                were with me, so I did not take many pics, but I just stood there and took in the views, we stopped many places
                                                on A82 along Loch Leven, what a beautiful area, I someday hope to come back and spend more time in the Glencoe area, do some trails, take lots of pics, meanwhile I have the many sites like yours to look at everyday. Thank you, untill.......
                                                From ReplySent 18/02/2008
                                                  Caledonian forest seedlings are they available to buy

                                                  I visited Glencoe a few years ago and was interested in the way you were growing from seeds collected from the ancient forest and you mentioned that maybe some saplings might be available to buy. How far along are you in this venture? Are any saplings ready? I for one would love to plant something in my garden from the ancient forests of Scotland bringing them into Edinburgh.
                                                  in anticipation Revmac
                                                  From ReplySent 11/09/2007
                                                  • Re:- Caledonian forest seedlings are they available to buy
                                                    We have a variety of seedlings available to buy. Please ask at the visitor centre on your next visit or telephone us on 01855 811307
                                                    From ReplySent 24/09/2007
                                                  • Re:- Caledonian forest seedlings are they available to buy
                                                    Seedlings up and running Just bought 2 scots pine 1ft high seedlings
                                                    Also had a fab time on ranger safari with Jonny McDonald
                                                    Best wishes Clare
                                                    From ReplySent 12/07/2008
                                                  Thank you

                                                  I came with my family to Glencoe this last week and joined the Safari with Scott and Brian on thursday. I would just like to say thankyou for a wonderful and unforgettable experience. It was a privilage to see often un seen places in the area and to learn so much about the flora and forna and geology. It was a delight and I thank you so much for a special experience and day. Thank you to Scott for his wealth of knowledge and taking care of us all throughout the trip.
                                                  From ReplySent 01/07/2007
                                                  • Re:- Thank you
                                                    We're so glad you enjoyed the event. Thank you for your comments.
                                                    From ReplySent 24/09/2007

                                                  Hi!!! Excellent resource you've got here!!! Will definately be back!!!
                                                  From ReplySent 23/02/2007
                                                    Guided Walks?

                                                    I'll be visiting Glencoe this June and I was wondering if you offered ranger-guided walks of the area.

                                                    Many Thanks!!
                                                    From ReplySent 03/12/2006
                                                    • Re:- Guided Walks?
                                                      Hi Lori,
                                                      If you take a look at our 'what's on' link on the website you can view all our ranger led activities and events for the year!
                                                      Hope this helps.
                                                      From ReplySent 14/03/2006
                                                    Thank you and keep up the excellent page.

                                                    Your site is very informative, interesting and a certain daily visit for critical weather information. Thank you.
                                                    From ReplySent 22/06/2006

                                                      "A great wee site, I live 100 miles away in Ayrshire but the site keeps me informed about my favourite place on earth.Keep up the good work."
                                                      05 January 2006
                                                      From Jim BrownReplySent 01/06/2006

                                                        on the 28th of january 2006 I was on stob dearg in glen coe, the sun came out behind me at the glen etive side and cast a shadow onto the mist at the kingshouse side. I appeared to have a rainbow circle round my shadow. I have read about this before but cant remember the proper title for it. It was "Magical". The views when the mist lifted was excellent, I did.nt want to come down.
                                                        From ReplySent 29/01/2006
                                                        • Re:- Phenomenon
                                                          What you saw is called a 'brocken spectre' and is a rare phenomenon, people used to think this was a ghost on the hills. Michael McGregor has a fantastic photograph of this in his exhibition thats well worth a look!
                                                          From ReplySent 30/01/2006
                                                        My Father's Home

                                                        Buchaille Etive Mor is breath taking. My Father, "Wee Sammy Smith" climbed this mountain time after time as a young man. Sam passed away in February 15, 1992. His ashes are now on the top of this mountain. I visited the site a few years back and I have to say, Glenco and the Buchaille Etive Mor are absolutely, "Heaven". I am happy that this was is final resting place.
                                                        From ReplySent 28/01/2006
                                                          Dragon enquiry!

                                                          Recently here at Glencoe we received an enquiry from Richard in Holland. We were asked about Beithar the dragon who once lived in the area. Now, our information about Beither is a little slight just at the minute; does anyone have any further information about the beast?
                                                          From ReplySent 23/01/2006

                                                            Your site is presented very well, but you should be embarassed that Gaelic is not included.
                                                            From ReplySent 12/05/2005
                                                            • Re:- Language
                                                              I think that the NTS should be proud of bringing a good site together and looking forward to building on the back of this, perhaps including Gaelic, rather than regretting this accomplishment. One step at a time.
                                                              From ReplySent 01/06/2006
                                                            • Re:- Language
                                                              Thanks Brian

                                                              You've echoed our thoughts exactly! The NTS is currently working to develop and implement a Gaelic policy and something we aspire to doing is translating this site in the future. But in the meantime if there’s anyone out there who’d like to help out with a translation, then please get in touch.

                                                              Fiona Chalmers – Property Manager
                                                              From ReplySent 01/06/2006


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